We play with Light.

Our range of hardware and software products simplify production and post-production processes while enhancing visual content quality for Brands, Movies, Television, Broadcast, VR and Gaming.


IR\VI helps you tell your story the way you want, giving you multiple options with light, shadows, textures, particles, and the look and mood of your shots. All real time. Advertisements, Movies and TV series can look like multi million dollar productions while you save on manpower, time and costs with TAKE1.


IR\VI’s technology allows you to superimpose and create different skins for your brand assets, making them more interactive & driving engagement among consumers. TAKE1 allows you to constantly recreate your content, ensuring novelty, freshness and longevity of your assets.


For all live events and broadcast content, IR\VI’s technology helps you finish your most difficult shots real time during the shoot.

Take1 is an electro-optical device that simplifies processes while enhancing visual quality REAL TIME on set. Take1’s cutting edge optics create STICKERS and DOODLES – building blocks that help you superimpose visual objects and design the look and mood of any professional video content.

Take1’s optics are designed to record currently uncaptured data streams that open up exciting possibilities for image manipulation. These streams of data can be used to create perfect keys and add back details that you lose from the sky or dimly lit shots. Wrinkled faces can become younger, day can turn to night and summer to winter. Play with light the way you choose to with TAKE1.